Professional Caravan and Motorhome Services in Yeovil, Somerset

Count on Ray Swain for a great range of caravan and motorhome services in Yeovil, Somerset, and the local area. We strive to provide the best services for your caravan and motorhome, so you’re never off the road for long. Get in touch with our dedicated experts for quality advice and excellent services.


Full Caravan Servicing

We recommend annual caravan servicing to keep your vehicle or motorhome running efficiently and correctly. Our team also provide prompt and effective repairs as part of our wide range of services. This generally includes:

Full Caravan Servicing List

  • Bodywork Exterior and Interior

  • Water System and Appliances

  • Gas Supply and Appliances

  • Electrical Systems 240v

  • Chassis and Running Gear

  • Electrical Systems 12v

  • Fire and Safety

  • Tyres


Habitation Servicing

This is a service that includes everything on the interior of the caravan or motorhome and caravans and can include anything from appliance checks.

Gas Safety Test with Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Analysis

We advise getting this checked annually to prevent any gas or carbon monoxide leaks. However, we can check at any point to ensure there are no leaks within the caravan or motorhome.


Damp Test and Pre-Purchase Inspection

Whether you have an existing caravan or you want to purchase a new one, damp testing is a useful process. A pre-purchase inspection helps to ensure that the vehicle doesn't have any damp. This is all included in the servicing of the vehicle. We are CRiS-checked for any caravans that may have been involved in an accident, and this ensures the caravan is safe.


Expert Services, Installations, and Repairs

Our caravan and motorhome services are tailored to your specific requirements.

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Running Gear and Brake Check

This is where we check the running gear or brake pads. Some caravan owners may not need this checked as often if they're stationary on a site.


Motor Movers Supplied and Fitted

Enabling you to move the caravan with a remote control, motor movers are beneficial for moving the caravan into difficult places. It also allows you to move more freely while guiding the caravan.


Trailer Servicing and Repairs

With trailers, this could be anything that goes wrong. We work on everything from horse trailers to tipping trailers, depending on your needs. This servicing should be done annually.


Solar Panels Supplied and Fitted

These can be fitted onto any caravan or motorhome, and all makes and models of solar panels are available. The panels are cost-effective and economic, and they allow you to go off-grid with your caravan for longer.